I have really been in the inquiry of who I am and why am I here on the planet at this time.  I have recently experienced fabulous highs as I grow. I have also felt extreme sadness and frenetic emotions as we, the world, experience more violence and unconscious acts.  I really had to look at my conscious and unconscious beliefs around separation and discord.  I have been forced to take responsibility for my thoughts and actions. I have also come to some amazing revelations that now color my choices moving forward.

I want to share with you my process in hopes that it will encourage you to explore who you are and why you are here.woman_child_mirror


  • The familial dysfunction of my childhood.
  • Choices/mistakes that created pain for me or others.
  • Only a woman, African American, or baby boomer.
  • The incessant voices that appear at times telling me to be afraid and judgmental.


  • A brilliant expression of grace in form.
  • Here to make a difference in this lifetime.
  • A woman of independent means dedicated to love in action.
  • Here to shine my light and share my gifts.
  • A member of the family called humanity.


  • To bring the best of me into every situation.
  • Remember that every human being wants to be loved, seen and heard.
  • To place my attention and conversations on what I want to grow not what I see that supports separation.
  • To be a voice of inclusion and connectivity.
  • To remember who I am and invite others to do the same.

Wherever you are in this moment, know that you are important.  You are here by divine design and you are a change agent.  Your only job is to remember to stay awake and choose love and kindness.

Much love and light,