Travel Blog #3 – Africa 2017 – Entusi One Conference – The Gathering

Many people have asked my husband, Carl (a world-renowned photographer) and I to document our trips. We will now be sharing blogs from our travels with small narratives to invite you into the journeys. Travel Blog #3 – Africa 2017 - Entusi One Conference - The Gathering The grounds of Entusi are incredible. We were [...]

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Are You Emotionally Healthy?

Have you noticed that people are feeling stressed?  I see it all around me.  My clients have come in wanting to know how to handle their feelings around world challenges, the election, family dysfunction and frustration with work.  Many feel distressed, overworked and incapable of handling the surge of emotions that are flooding their lives. [...]

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Are you in the safety zone or growth zone?

I recently had a client questioning if they should stay in a relationship.  The person they were seeing seemed to be “perfect”.  My client described them as loving, caring, kind and felt like a best friend.  When I asked if they were in love there was a silence.  “That is the problem, I’m not in [...]

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Do You Know Who You Are?

I have really been in the inquiry of who I am and why am I here on the planet at this time.  I have recently experienced fabulous highs as I grow. I have also felt extreme sadness and frenetic emotions as we, the world, experience more violence and unconscious acts.  I really had to look [...]

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Trust Walk

Many years ago I worked with teens at the Agape International Spiritual Center in Los Angeles. We were supporting them in becoming more focused and confident. One of the exercises we used was a trust walk.  One person was blind folded and their partner led them on a walk.  They could not see and had [...]

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Radical Self Care

There are times in our lives when we are unusually busy; and, for some people this is a lifestyle. The holiday season is especially a time when we can lose our sense of self care. There are family events, business affairs, community responsibilities, and sometimes feelings of being alone and even separate. Let us address, [...]

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The Screaming Child

I was recently on a flight to do a speaking engagement. As I was getting settled in my seat, a little girl about 2 years old came up the aisle. She looked at me and made a face. I made the same face at her. She did it again and so did I. I thought, [...]

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