Inward Journey Retreats

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Hello and welcome to the Inward Journey Retreats page. I am passionate about taking people on spiritual pilgrimages. We visit sacred sites around the world, engage in powerful spiritual practice and connect with other cultures and communities. The above picture is from the amazing Chartres Cathedral in France. If you are looking for a place to join like-minded people seeking to grow and make a difference in this world, then these journeys are for you. I look forward to spending time with you.





August 18-28


The Damanhur Federation is a collection of communities and eco-villages dedicated to the advancement of social, spiritual, and artistic development. It has it's own constitution, social and political structure, schools and monetary system. Damanhur has many industries and businesses, creating an economic engine that supports their society and contributes to the villages and communities that surround them. In 2005 Damanhur was recognized by the United Nations with the award for sustainable communities.

I will only take 14 people on this journey and we will integrate into the Damanhur community for the entirety of our trip.

August 18th: Arrival
19th: Opening session with Cynthia and Carl, anchoring our intention and practice in this magical place, guided tour to experience Damjl.
20th: Morning practice with Cynthia, guided tour to experience The Temples of Humankind.
21st: Morning practice with Cynthia, guided tour to experience The Sacred Woods.
22nd: Morning practice with Cynthia, meditation inside the Temples of Humankind.
23rd: Free day
24th: Guided tour in the aria of Magical Valchiusella.
25th: One-day tour to Turin and the Egyptian Museum.
26th: Introduction to the Basics of the Mystery School and Spiritual Physics, guided meditation in the Temples of the Humankind.
27th: Free day
28th: Departure

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