Cynthia James Featured Video

Your Unique Destiny, Vision and Purpose

Cynthia joins Dr. Harry Morgan Moses on The Moses Show. Learn how you can move to a life where you are living your purpose in complete and utter freedom and becoming what you were destined to be. Listen to Cynthia now:

Cynthia James Live One-on-One Coaching Session

Cynthia coaches members of her network for personal transformation beyond life's challenging circumstances. Topics included in this session: Not feeling support at work and Self doubt is hampering success. Listen to Cynthia now:

Connections Radio with Barbara Bue

You can move from pain to passion in 7 weeks by reframing the way you look at and respond to the world around you. We all have passions to fulfill in our lives. We came  here to fulfill our purpose and destiny. This program will help you dispel the concept that circumstances can get in your way and know that nothing is standing in the way of your  greatest good. Listen to Barbara with Cynthia now: