Live the Life of Your Dreams

Life the Life of Your DreamsWe are never promised a life without “shift, challenge, or heartache”. However, I believe that there is a universal promise that anything is possible. We live in an infinite universe filled with possibilities. That means that we are all capable of living successful, joyous and expansive lives. The question is; through what field of perception are you viewing your life? Are you viewing it from a glass half-full or half-empty? The point is that you get to choose. I am clear that things are happening now in your life. I am also clear that you get to dictate how you feel and how you choose to respond. Try using this process to manifest the life of your dreams: [Read more...]


Today, I take a moment to honor the amazing Robin Williams. His brilliance, wit, humor and creativity have inspired me for many years. I spent many hours in front of my television and in movie theatres being blessed by his talent. As I reflected on his challenge and ultimate death, it took into a place of deep contemplation.

I believe we can all learn from Robin. Depression is something most of us have faced at various times in our lives. Depression does not honor wealth, status, culture, religion or race. It shows up and can deflate us in a short period of time.

Depression is insidious. It comes like a thief in the night. The dictionary definition states that depression is a mood disorder that causes a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest; a serious medical condition in which a person feels very sad, hopeless, and unimportant and often is unable to live in a normal way. We try to cope with it using drugs, prayer, meditation, exercise, sex and overwork. Ultimately, depression wins because we are not skilled in getting to root cause. I believe that cause is rooted in fear and the absence of self-love. [Read more...]

Create a Brand New Life

Cynthia James BlogThis month, as many of us are preparing for the back-to-school season, I would like to focus on honoring and learning from history. Have you ever thought about the fact that your destiny could not unfold if you didn’t have the knowledge of your history or herstory? Have you thought about the fact that you would not be who you are today if your life did not contain every ounce of living that you have done? [Read more...]

Claiming Your Independence

Individual Freedom and IndpendenceWe began this month celebrating Independence Day. For many it is just a day to party, grill and connect with family and friends. For others, it is a time of reflection about the many ways and means that people in our country have fought for freedom. I would like us to take some time this month to really explore what independence means to us individually and collectively. [Read more...]

Take a Stand for Love

Carl Studna and Cynthia James

Carl Studna and Cynthia James

From Marianne Williamson’s book, A Return to Love:

“Love is not neutral. It takes a stand. It is a commitment to the attainment of the conditions of peace for everyone involved in a situation.”

We often talk about wanting to be loving people. We talk about wanting to experience love. That is all well and good and yet, it can become challenging when there is someone in our lives that pushes our buttons or consistently engages in emotional combat. It is even harder when a relationship ends through choice or death. It is during these times that we really get to see where we live and how much we are willing to stand for love. Here are some questions to contemplate: [Read more...]

Renewing Intuition

Renewing IntuitionIntuition is about knowing without a rational explanation. We all have it. It is installed in our DNA. We are connected.  What stops us from trusting our intuition is life experiences.  Experiences occur and shake us to the core and we somehow think it is because we are not connected.  We then start second guessing ourselves and make up a story that we are confused.  I want to remind you that you are never confused. You have moved into a state of “trying to figure things out” instead of tapping into your intuitive knowing. [Read more...]

Clearing from the Inside Out

Clearing from the inside outIt is Spring and the time of year when clearing and de-cluttering is happening everywhere. And I totally support outward clearing and make your environment most beautiful. I want to remind you that everything begins with an intention and when you open to that intention it is anchored internally. Clearing out in your life must start from deep intentionality. Have you thought about what your life would be like without all the stuff? Have you thought about how you would feel less encumbered? [Read more...]

The Art of Being Present

The Art of Being Present - Cynthia JamesHave you ever been with someone and you are sharing from a place of vulnerability and they seem distracted? How do you feel? What decision do you make about the person you are with? You decide that they are not present and probably begin to shut down on some level. I would venture to say that some judgment comes in that creates separation with you and this other person. [Read more...]

Always Time for Love

Cynthia James Blog - LoveWe are in the month of LOVE! And really, it is always the time for love. Let us tap into the energy and awareness that is happening right now. Some of this love is over-the-top passion, intimate and physical. Some of this love feels like lack, mistrust, yearning or pain. Some love is friendship, family and for our beloved animals. I want you to know that no matter where you are; Love is always available to you. It begins from within – it begins with yourself and you were born in the image and likeness of love. [Read more...]

Your Best Year Ever!

Your Best YearAs you step into 2014 I want to stand with you in the remembrance that you are a powerful creator.  The life you dream of awaits you in extraordinary ways.  Your past does not matter. Your family patterns do not matter.  Doom and gloom predictions do not matter. What matters, is your consciousness, commitment and courage. You can accept a life that is easy where struggle is not an option. [Read more...]