One Human Family

One Human FamilyThere is a lot of talk about oneness and unity; that we are all connected and interconnected. So why is it so difficult for us to actually live in that place? Why is it so difficult to actually live with a deep understanding that everything we do, say, and think affects the Whole? You are not alone. In fact, your energy, your essence and your way of being have an impact on everything around you. [Read more...]

Listen with Your Heart

Listen with Your HeartThere is a lot of talk about oneness and unity today. So why is it so difficult for us to actually live in that place? Why is it so difficult to actually live with a deep understanding that everything we do, say, and think affects the Whole? You are not alone. In fact, your energy, your essence, and your way of being have an impact on everything around you. Think about entering a room and you instantly feel an energy that makes you uncomfortable. Where does that energy come from? How about when you meet someone for the first time and your instinct is to withdraw? Take this one step further. You are challenged with a colleague or a client. Whenever you see or are about to meet this person, your body becomes tense and constricted. You try to calm yourself, pray or even create affirmations—to no avail. You resolve to not let him or her bother you, but most of the time that tactic does not work. Here is the thing. Energy transmits. The real questions become: “What kind of person do you want to be?” “How do you want to affect your family, community, or work environment?” You can choose right this very minute. [Read more...]

Start Fresh

Start Fresh 2015We all have an opportunity to begin this year with strong and clear focus. I am aware that every New Year people create resolutions. They are nice, but often, we are not totally committed and so the resolutions fall by the wayside within a very short period of time. Gym registrations soar in January and by March, people are starting to give themselves excuses not to keep going. People also look at weight issues during this time. Weight Watchers enrollment goes up and again, people stop honoring their commitments within weeks. [Read more...]

Peaceful End-of-Year Experience

Positive End of Year ExperienceThis time of year, many people are working to complete tasks at work and at home so that they can enjoy the holidays. Others are in places of great pain as they move through times of loss and grieving. It is easy to feel overwhelmed, but what if this year we decided to do it differently? What if we decided to set an intention for this month to actively experience everything through a “peaceful mind?” Just the thought of it allows me to breathe and move to center. [Read more...]

Love and Gratitude

Love and GratitudeEvery one of us has unique gifts; some seem large and some seem small. They are all powerful gifts regardless of how we label them. Humanity cannot operate without the diversity of each person’s uniqueness. [Read more...]

An Umbrella Revolution

umbrellasWhile in Croatia, my husband and I stumbled upon a street where beautiful umbrellas were hanging above us. It was artistic and inviting. It took no time at all for several of us to take pictures jumping in the air as if trying to reach the umbrellas. It felt free and exciting to just leap.

Recently, students in China have been in the streets protesting for democracy. They have stood in the face of tear gas, threats and outrage by the government. When the tear gas started, they put up umbrellas to protect themselves. Thus, the name “Umbrella Revolution” came into being. They say that they are committed to non-violence so they encourage each other to stay at peace. People bring food to make sure that they are nurtured. They are fighting for a fair election in 2017. Why so far out? They want to bring an awareness of how the current system works. At the moment, the government is only allowing people to run that are vetted and loyal to the communist regime. These young people want candidates with different and expansive ideology to be able to run for office and bring democracy to the country. [Read more...]

Connect to the Heart

OCT 2014 photoBased on the research of HeartMath, the heart has an independent logic and intelligence. It responds to the brain through the nervous system but does not obey it without reason. In fact, the heart actually analyses information and communicates to the brain and the brain obeys the messages and requests of the heart. When negative emotions appear the heart registers rhythms that are jagged, disordered and out of balance. [Read more...]

Live the Life of Your Dreams

Life the Life of Your DreamsWe are never promised a life without “shift, challenge, or heartache”. However, I believe that there is a universal promise that anything is possible. We live in an infinite universe filled with possibilities. That means that we are all capable of living successful, joyous and expansive lives. The question is; through what field of perception are you viewing your life? Are you viewing it from a glass half-full or half-empty? The point is that you get to choose. I am clear that things are happening now in your life. I am also clear that you get to dictate how you feel and how you choose to respond. Try using this process to manifest the life of your dreams: [Read more...]


Today, I take a moment to honor the amazing Robin Williams. His brilliance, wit, humor and creativity have inspired me for many years. I spent many hours in front of my television and in movie theatres being blessed by his talent. As I reflected on his challenge and ultimate death, it took into a place of deep contemplation.

I believe we can all learn from Robin. Depression is something most of us have faced at various times in our lives. Depression does not honor wealth, status, culture, religion or race. It shows up and can deflate us in a short period of time.

Depression is insidious. It comes like a thief in the night. The dictionary definition states that depression is a mood disorder that causes a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest; a serious medical condition in which a person feels very sad, hopeless, and unimportant and often is unable to live in a normal way. We try to cope with it using drugs, prayer, meditation, exercise, sex and overwork. Ultimately, depression wins because we are not skilled in getting to root cause. I believe that cause is rooted in fear and the absence of self-love. [Read more...]

Create a Brand New Life

Cynthia James BlogThis month, as many of us are preparing for the back-to-school season, I would like to focus on honoring and learning from history. Have you ever thought about the fact that your destiny could not unfold if you didn’t have the knowledge of your history or herstory? Have you thought about the fact that you would not be who you are today if your life did not contain every ounce of living that you have done? [Read more...]