Gratitude and Grace

Gratitude and GraceEvery one of us has unique gifts; some seem large and some seem small. They are ALL powerful gifts regardless of how we label them. Humanity cannot operate without the diversity of each person’s uniqueness.

I want you to focus on being grateful for your special gifts. Are you a kind person? Are you a gifted healer? Are you a financial wiz? Whatever it is, I invite you to include in your daily practice joyous appreciation for your gifts. [Read more...]

Purpose and Change

Purpose and ChangeI want to begin with a question "What are you doing every day to fulfill your destiny?" A lot of you are seeking answers regarding your purpose. For me, being on purpose has everything to do with a willingness to shift, change and be flexible. Your destiny is not a straight line to a destination. [Read more...]

The Portals of Change

Portals of ChangeIf you really think about your life, you will see that at every important juncture, you stepped through a portal and that portal marked a significant change. From elementary school to middle school, from high school to college, single life to married life, embracing parenthood, your first real job, or moving to another state - no matter what the change, your movement marked a shift. You stepped through a doorway into the unknown. [Read more...]

High Vibrational Living

High Vibrational LivingDr. David Hawkins, an internationally renowned psychiatrist, author and pioneer in the fields of consciousness research and spirituality has done a lot of research around vibrational energy and its effects on human behavior. He discovered that vibrations of 200 MHZ or better are more supportive for conscious living. Basically, he says that if you correlate with this frequency in thought, word, deed and behavior you begin to create healthy living. There is much discussion on how attitude relates to experience. Consider how focus affects vibration and therefore informs what you will attract into your life. [Read more...]

The Power of Love

The Power of LoveThere is not a person on the planet that does not respond to love. Love is healing and transformative. Love is nurturing and comforting. Love is an energy that opens the heart and supports deepening in relationships.

I would like to invite you to explore how love expresses in your life beginning with love of self. I was once at a conference and Iyanla Vanzant gave this amazing presentation about her new love. She had everyone spellbound for several minutes, and then she announced that her new love was herself. She had discovered that she was the one she had been waiting for. [Read more...]

Igniting Passion and Vision

Inspiring Passion and VisionI am very clear that passion is the foundation for fulfillment of purpose. When the energy of passion is present there is expansion and some level of excitement. Vision is always pulling us. Passion and vision together propel us into a purposeful life.

I love Lynne Twist and what she represents in the world. In her book, ‘The Soul of Money’ Lynne speaks of going into a desert community that is about to die out because of lack of water. She is passionate about indigenous people and supporting them on the planet. Lynne shares that when she arrived in this community, she entered in a circle with the men. The women sat on the outside, but then, asked to speak and shared that they had dreams and visions of an underground lake. [Read more...]

The Screaming Child

Inner Child  - by Cynthia JamesI was recently on a flight to do a speaking engagement. As I was getting settled in my seat, a little girl about 2 years old came up the aisle. She looked at me and made a face. I made the same face at her. She did it again and so did I. I thought, “This child is really expressive.” Her family sat in the row behind me and across the aisle. The father had an iPad and invited the child to sit on the side where she could see better and play a game. She didn’t want to sit in that seat and expressed it loudly. That started a very dramatic experience for the entire family. The little girl didn’t want to sit down. She didn't want to have her seat belt buckled. Everything that was offered was a definitive NO and the crying and screaming escalated. The parents were embarrassed and tried to calm her down. [Read more...]

Spring Clearing

Spring Clearing with Cythia JamesSpring has finally arrived and it’s the perfect time to do some Spring Clearing.  I use the word clearing instead of cleaning because I feel strongly about the fact that clearing something out is about releasing, it does not return. With cleaning, you do over and over again. Do you know people that spring clean every year and it is a huge task? Perhaps that is you!

My clients say that clearing out closets has “always been a challenge.” I also hear “when I lose weight I am going to wear that again” or “I really like this and I am sure it will come back in style.. In reality, they have not lost weight in five years, nor have they worn the outfit for twelve years. These kinds of statements are really about attachment. Buddhists tell us that attachment creates suffering. I say attachment does not leave room for anything new. It clogs up the flow in our lives. [Read more...]

One Human Family

One Human FamilyThere is a lot of talk about oneness and unity; that we are all connected and interconnected. So why is it so difficult for us to actually live in that place? Why is it so difficult to actually live with a deep understanding that everything we do, say, and think affects the Whole? You are not alone. In fact, your energy, your essence and your way of being have an impact on everything around you. [Read more...]

Listen with Your Heart

Listen with Your HeartThere is a lot of talk about oneness and unity today. So why is it so difficult for us to actually live in that place? Why is it so difficult to actually live with a deep understanding that everything we do, say, and think affects the Whole? You are not alone. In fact, your energy, your essence, and your way of being have an impact on everything around you. Think about entering a room and you instantly feel an energy that makes you uncomfortable. Where does that energy come from? How about when you meet someone for the first time and your instinct is to withdraw? Take this one step further. You are challenged with a colleague or a client. Whenever you see or are about to meet this person, your body becomes tense and constricted. You try to calm yourself, pray or even create affirmations—to no avail. You resolve to not let him or her bother you, but most of the time that tactic does not work. Here is the thing. Energy transmits. The real questions become: “What kind of person do you want to be?” “How do you want to affect your family, community, or work environment?” You can choose right this very minute. [Read more...]