Trust Walk

cynthai_james_greatnessMany years ago I worked with teens at the Agape International Spiritual Center in Los Angeles. We were supporting them in becoming more focused and confident. One of the exercises we used was a trust walk.  One person was blind folded and their partner led them on a walk.  They could not see and had to trust their partner.  This proved to be challenging for most of the students.  In discussions following the exercise, the young people who were blind folded shared about not feeling safe.  They didn't want to give control of their safety to another and there was little trust that the partner would take care of them.  The ones leading were afraid that they might not lead well and their partner would get hurt.  The interesting thing is that each person could “feel” the fear in the other and that accelerated their own discomfort.


That exercise and those conversations have stayed with me all this time.  Most of my clients want to work on TRUST.  They don’t trust others and many of them lack self-trust in varying degrees.  The definition of trust is: firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something.  That sounds simple right?  However, the words that stick out to me are “firm belief”.  As a child my firm belief was that I was not safe and violence was the norm. I was hyper-vigilant and scared most of the time.


It took many years for me to learn to trust myself and others.  Here are some tools that might support you in a TRUST WALK with yourself.


  1. Check the perception lens that life is viewed through. If you are looking at life through the field of fear, doubt and mistrust - that is what you will create.
  2. Learn to access and listen to your intuition. Are you following your “gut instincts” or wanting others to make decisions for you?  You have a powerful inner knowing.  Accessing it, listening to it and trusting it take practice.
  3. Pause if there is any doubt in the direction you are going. We are living in an accelerated time and want to get things done now.  The challenge is that decisions made in haste can create chaos and confusion.  Take time to do research, create a plan and use forward thinking to anchor your choices.
  4. Make sure people DO what they SAY. Trust is built over time and people consistently showing up in authentic and honest ways creates a foundation of honor and respect.


You are the most important person in your life and you are brilliant.  Take time to learn to trust yourself and you will attract trustworthy people. You will feel safer, more joyous and have more clarity.


I trust that you are on an amazing journey of fulfillment and expansion.

Love and light,

Rev Cynthia James

The Power in the Possible

The Power in the PossibleSix years ago my husband and I put in a road on our property. It led from our house to the horse barn and meadow. The purpose was to make it easier to get to the lower level of the property and to create access to a future studio. At the time, we did not have the funds to build a studio. It was just a dream. We carved out the space for the studio and for the next 5 years I would invite visitors into our vision. I asked them to activate their imagination and walk into the lower level. I asked them to see a space for retreats and a room for guest clients to stay. I then walked them up the imaginary stairs to the photo/video space where Carl would work his magic for clients wanting photographs and videos for their work. The experience was fun for our guests and for me it was clearly anchoring the possibility into form in my mind. I was inviting the invisible into the visible. [Read more...]

Step into the YES!

yesI have been putting a lot of attention on saying “yes” to my life. What does that mean? For me, it is about opening to all of the goodness that is available for my life. I’m not talking about living in a dream world. I believe that the universe it set up to support our greatness in the world. Our task is to learn to say yes to the things that inspire and nurture us. So, I am personally exploring what it means to really be willing to receive vast amounts of abundance in every area of my life. [Read more...]

Taking Inventory

01-16 New StartWelcome to a new beginning. Welcome to 2016. I am meeting so many people that are excited about this time in history because they have a sense that something great is happening. I, too, feel that this time is a representation of my changes in consciousness and new choices. [Read more...]

Radical Self Care

Radical Self CareThere are times in our lives when we are unusually busy; and, for some people this is a lifestyle. The holiday season is especially a time when we can lose our sense of self care. There are family events, business affairs, community responsibilities, and sometimes feelings of being alone and even separate. Let us address, what I like to call, Radical Self Care. [Read more...]

Gratitude and Grace

Gratitude and GraceEvery one of us has unique gifts; some seem large and some seem small. They are ALL powerful gifts regardless of how we label them. Humanity cannot operate without the diversity of each person’s uniqueness.

I want you to focus on being grateful for your special gifts. Are you a kind person? Are you a gifted healer? Are you a financial wiz? Whatever it is, I invite you to include in your daily practice joyous appreciation for your gifts. [Read more...]

Purpose and Change

Purpose and ChangeI want to begin with a question "What are you doing every day to fulfill your destiny?" A lot of you are seeking answers regarding your purpose. For me, being on purpose has everything to do with a willingness to shift, change and be flexible. Your destiny is not a straight line to a destination. [Read more...]

The Portals of Change

Portals of ChangeIf you really think about your life, you will see that at every important juncture, you stepped through a portal and that portal marked a significant change. From elementary school to middle school, from high school to college, single life to married life, embracing parenthood, your first real job, or moving to another state - no matter what the change, your movement marked a shift. You stepped through a doorway into the unknown. [Read more...]

High Vibrational Living

High Vibrational LivingDr. David Hawkins, an internationally renowned psychiatrist, author and pioneer in the fields of consciousness research and spirituality has done a lot of research around vibrational energy and its effects on human behavior. He discovered that vibrations of 200 MHZ or better are more supportive for conscious living. Basically, he says that if you correlate with this frequency in thought, word, deed and behavior you begin to create healthy living. There is much discussion on how attitude relates to experience. Consider how focus affects vibration and therefore informs what you will attract into your life. [Read more...]

The Power of Love

The Power of LoveThere is not a person on the planet that does not respond to love. Love is healing and transformative. Love is nurturing and comforting. Love is an energy that opens the heart and supports deepening in relationships.

I would like to invite you to explore how love expresses in your life beginning with love of self. I was once at a conference and Iyanla Vanzant gave this amazing presentation about her new love. She had everyone spellbound for several minutes, and then she announced that her new love was herself. She had discovered that she was the one she had been waiting for. [Read more...]