The Cynthia James Support Network

Powerful, consistent coaching to support your growth and expansion and keep you centered all year long. 

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My passion is in supporting the incredible expression that you are. Your participation in this network allows me to assist you in living your life of freedom.

Each month will begin with a e-newsletter to focus in on the theme of the month, such as health, relationships or abundance. You will start each week by receiving an online Video Coaching Session. Watch this video to begin your week’s expansion. Mid-week, you will receive tools and techniques online to incorporate into your daily activities that support your greatest unfolding. We will end each week with an audio blessing on the phone line of your choice.

My intention is that our community will grow and learn together. Your wholeness is my life’s work. Thank you for joining me. 

Register for Free Trial Sign-In Here
ONLY $19.99 per month
or save $40 and join annually for $199!


“Cynthia, thank you so much for the thought, care and work that has gone in to your web coaching. It has such a universal appeal that I shared it at a staff meeting and it was warmly received. Gracias from all of us at the financial firm”.

“Cynthia James is a very dynamic and amazing coach and it has been transformational for me to listen to the different techniques she uses to help others identify and resolve their challenges”.

“Yes! I have absolutely been able to utilize the Cynthia James Support Network in my life. It is a home base for me to come back to when, in the course of my daily life, I get off-track. I know where to go to get back on track. I have an amazing resource with this support system when the activities of life throw me off my spiritual center”.

Need Help? Please contact Lisa Livingstone at 303-271-0860 or via email.