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Cynthia James is the award-winning author of What Will Set You Free and Revealing Your Extraordinary Essence, an International speaker and inspirational singer who inspires thousands through her message, music and celebration of life.

Cynthia is available for keynotes, workshops and retreats that will motivate your audience to live a life of passion.

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Cynthia James Topic Descriptions
Cynthia is personally committed to utilizing creative expression as a vital and effective healing modality that will assist everyone in their own personal and professional growth. 

Sample Keynotes, Workshops and Retreats:

  • What Will Set You Free
  • Revealing Your Extraordinary Essence
  • Your Time to Soar
  • Integrated Technologies, Your Roadmap to Freedom
  • The Fragmented Heart
  • Reboot Your Life!

Sample Keynotes, Workshops & Retreats for Women:

  • Your Time to Soar
  • Sacred Woman, Holy Life
  • Extraordinary Essence Tea Ceremony
  • Integrative Technologies, Your Roadmap to Freedom


"Cynthia James was a dynamic, magnetic, and loving speaker. The participants were so moved, they wanted her back right away! She helps women to see their beauty and perfection no matter what externals are going on!"

~Sarah McLean, Director
Sedona Meditation Training & Retreats

“Cynthia James is one of the most powerful, authentic and inspiring speakers I know. She engages her audience with passion, brilliance, and the rare capacity to be real and present. She is one of the very best!”

~Joan Borysenko, Ph.D.
New York Times Bestselling Author

“Your talk entitled “Ordinary is Extraordinary”, moved not only me, but the entire room. In the hour that I listened to you tell your story along with the stories of other amazing human beings I was inspired to refocus my own perspective on the world and the opportunities that exist within the core of every challenge.”

~Jena J. Hausmann, Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
The Children’s Hospital

“Cynthia’s presentation not only touched people’s hearts but gave them a vision of what is possible. It is her contagious and powerful spirit that caused our audience to come alive.”

Norman Bouchard, Marketing & Communications Director

“Everyone thoroughly enjoyed listening to your inspirational message and your beautiful voice. You were truly inspiring…”

~Faye Foley
American Bar Association

"We appreciate your time, expertise, and enthusiastic message of hope, joy, and the power of service. Many thanks for making the inaugural United We Serve Award Ceremony so memorable for the award recipients and audience members. Your passion for the topic was apparent and it touched our hearts and minds, motivating us to look for ways to serve.”

~Gay Page, Executive Director
Colorado Federal Executive Board

“Cynthia James recently worked with my partners and me in establishing an optimal way of working together in a new business venture. Her approach was thorough, compassionate, insightful and effective in supporting each team member. Most importantly, Cynthia was able to tell the truth and help our team see the truth of what was holding us back from experiencing the most success and satisfaction in our work together”.

~GG Johnston, President
Downstream Partners, LLC

“Ms. James has been volunteering by providing “Healing from Trauma and Abuse’ groups to the females inmates housed in the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Detention Facility. The four week program was designed to give females tools and skills to help them deal with past trauma and abuse. As of June 2010, approximately 35 women have graduated from the program. The request to attend these voluntary classes has been overwhelming at times. Feedback from inmates attending classes has been very positive and we view the information presented as not only necessary from a health/educational point of view, but of valuable assistance in behavioral management of a large population. I strongly support her and commend her for doing a great job”.

~Deborah Aludo, Counseling Unit Supervisor
Jefferson County Sheriff Department

“Cynthia James is a gifted speaker and teacher who has the ability to transform an audience with her passion, commitment and grace. She delivers heart opening, life-changing wisdom.”

~Arielle Ford
Author & Speaker

"Cynthia James message is here to inspire the soul. She will help you discover life changing truths and guide you with loving care. Believe and you will receive."

~Gary Quinn
Bestselling author, Living in the Spiritual Zone and Life Coach

"At Women'sVision, we believe that organizations are more successful when women and men share their leadership and power. I believe your work has helped many of our members to consider new ways in which they may align their career and their life to evoke their finest masterpiece. Thank you for supporting our mssion with your insightful approach and message."

~Joanna M. Murray, President
Women'sVision Foundation

"The Colorado Behavioral Healthcare Council wishes to thank Cynthia James, for her outstanding performance as a keynote featured speaker, at our 2011 CBHC Annual Training Conference. Cynthia’s keynote on Integrative Technologies: Mind & Body Health at Work, and her singing performance elevated our attendee experience. We would highly recommend her as a speaker and performance artist, and our attendees felt she was a great addition to our annual conference."

CONTACT: Bonna Sue Kalina at