Freedom Coaches

Freedom coaches are highly skilled in techniques supporting individuals to transform and grow. They are certified by becoming proficient in utilizing modalities created by Cynthia James. The certification is a one year process.  If you would like to apply to become a Certified What Will Set You Free Coach , contact Donna Deteau,

Christy Belz

Christy's passion lives in the empowerment of you, both personally and professionally. She is gifted at seeing you as a whole person, discerning, uncovering and helping to resolve the underlying issues that can keep you stuck.
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Nadine Cornish

Nadine Cornish

Nadine was born to be a coach and she has done it all of her life. Whether with family or friends, colleagues or peers, she has intuitively been that “go to” person for support, encouragement and confirmation.

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Thelma Craig

Thelma Craig

Thelma is committed and dedicated to supporting and uplifting clients to live life to the fullest. She desires to share the experience that will enable clients to progress in miraculous ways by drawing on inner resources.

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Deanne Drda

Deanne is a heart-centered listener who enjoys facilitating processes that identify and shift life-limiting thoughts, feelings, and patterns of behavior empowering people to live their fullest authentic lives.

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Kellie Jones

Kellie Jones

Kellie is committed and dedicated to assisting clients towards transformation and healing. She is a powerful intuitive, healer and holds a collage degree in dietetics which incorporates with the "What Will Set You Free” process as an integral element to freeing the mind, body, and spirit.

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Carie King

Carie King

Carie King is a teacher & uplifter to her core! She believes we are all moving toward greater wholeness and our evolution & healing is inevitable; we have an internal blueprint that is guiding us all the time, as an acorn becomes an oak tree.

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Sam Trenka

Sam is a gifted and talented coach, committed to supporting you in discovering, acknowledging and celebrating your own unique presence.

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