"Cynthia worked with me as I transitioned out of a job (via a layoff) during the economic crisis. She was caring, insightful and very knowledgeable. Cynthia provided me with tools and ideas that assisted me in making this incredibly painful time in my life truly valuable and self affirming. Through her coaching and her speaking events, Cynthia has called me to a new level of living and I am so grateful!" ~ Laura Drury

"Cynthia is a teacher and coach of the highest caliber, and all of her books and classes will accelerate your life's journey." ~ Cathy Hawk, Clarity International

"Cynthia is an extraordinary spiritual adviser, public speaker, and musical talent who specializes in tolerance, peace and integration. Her workshop and book "What will set you Free" are transformational." ~ Debby Holmes, Chaplain student

"Cynthia James presents in a dynamic and powerful way. I was able to see for the very first time why I act and interact in ways that do not optimize my best performance. Powerful and Transformational. If you desire a shift from your stuff, call Cynthia James." ~ Christy Belz, Empowered Coaching

"This class CHANGED MY LIFE!!! I got more information and more transformation from this one weekend with Cynthia (and all of the other teaching assistants strategically placed to hold the space in love and consciousness) than years worth of on and off therapy!!! Just Do It!!!" ~ student

"And as I was listening to you I watched the hundreds of people around who were inspired and spellbound.” ~ Roel