Extraordinary Essence Tea Now Available

I am very excited to announce the availability of Extraordinary Essence Tea. Inspired by my book of the same name and the brilliance of tea connoisseur and founder of Wystones World Teas at Belmar in Colorado, Wy Livingstone, this delicious mix will satisfy and balance your mind, body and spirit. The blend contains the full body flavor of white chocolate and pumpkin cream rooibos, chamomile, calendula petals, lavender and the natural sweetness of stevia leaves.

"Your Extraordinary Essence Tea is indeed extraordinary!!! Its transparent red color speaks of raindrops warmed by the sun. Like elixir from the River of Light, it washes the palate with sweetness, tenderness and a hint of incredible Power. There is no doubt it was Divinely inspired. Blessings to you and Wy for this lovely new taste!!!!!!!" -Ann

Purchase online now at: Wystone's World Teas