Affirmative Living

I spent a lot of time in meditation asking for an understanding of how to support the people I want to serve. What came to me is that we are living in a time of great change, stress, challenge and acceleration. People are actively seeking new ways to support their peace of mind and clarity of purpose. I did some research and found that today, self-help books, CD’s, downloads and online programs are selling at an all time high. People want to know how to live in ways that support their health and well-being. People want tools that can assist them in moving beyond the challenging conditions of being human.

Definition of Affirmative:

Expecting the best; a positive attitude; optimistic, favorable

Definition of Living:

Active or thriving; vigorous; strong

“I am committed to supporting people to live an active, thriving and expansive life and envision a world filled with optimistic people expecting the best and opening to positive life experiences. I am committed to Affirmative Living."


100 Days of Original Affirmations from Cynthia James; your touchstone for mobile inspiration

hLet Cynthia uplift your spirit and give you a positive message each day for the next 100 days. Affirmative Living gives you the power to take control of your life. Start making positive changes today. Make a commitment to Affirmative Living.

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What people are saying:

"Beautiful app. I love seeing an inspirational message every day. Thank you!"

"Every morning I wake up to a beautiful picture with the perfect affirmation that sets the stage for my day! Thank you Cynthia."

"It amazes me how every day I open this app and get the perfect message. It's just what I need to help me through the day. Thank you!!"


Passages: Meditations and Inner Explorations

Layout 1Five meditations to support you in discovering more powerful ways to live in the areas of purpose, relationships, health and finances. Bonus track: I AM - a soul infusion of music, the spoken word and vibrational rhythm.

These gently guided meditations are beautifully underscored by the incredible music talents of pianist, Kent Rautenstraus.

Cynthia invites you to enjoy the process of getting to know yourself in more powerful ways. Remember, you are a creative spirit and you are here to live an inspired and fulfilling life.

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