Trust Love

Emotional HealingTina Turner sang the successful song “What’s Love Got to Do With It?” Basically, it asked, “Why have a heart when a heart can be broken?”

In a way, I understand the feeling.

A lot of us have had our hearts broken. Many of us more than once. So, now here we are in February and reminders of Valentine’s Day are everywhere. It forces us to think about our relationship status. Are we someone’s valentine? Will we be someone’s valentine? Will our relationship Karma ever change? Will love finally come to us or continue to elude us?

But here’s the thing: You are not broken. You are lovable because you exist. I don’t believe that someone has to deliver you flowers, candy or a card to validate your amazing beauty and life. You have within you gifts that cannot be measured. You are unique, creative, powerful, talented and loving. Just because there is no one in your life at the present doesn’t mean that these things are not true. The past does not define your future. Someone else’s unconscious behavior cannot lessen your incredible presence on this planet.

I say, “begin by loving yourself.” The process of emotional healing starts with making yourself the number one priority — whether you are in a relationship or not. Nurture yourself. Be kind to yourself. Honor yourself. Respect yourself. To repeat: the past does not define your future. Use meditation as a tool to reconnect to your spirit. A consistent spiritual practice will bring you to a remembrance that you have always been loved and important. Healing is easy once you understand that the universe is here to support you always. This level of individual attention is important whether you are in a relationship or not.

I believe that love is all around us. I believe that love is the essence of the Spirit. I believe that every act of loving kindness is a reflection of the infinite love that is available. I believe that love flows from within and is not something that you get.

Open to love of self and witness the extraordinary ways that you are shown how much you mean to this world.

So, what’s love got to do with it? Everything! Love is available. Don’t wait. Be the love you want!

Please affirm with me: Today, I bring my incredible Self to the world. I shine my light and share my love. What returns to me is love beyond my wildest imaginings.